Stigma Saturday: I Am Not My Disorder

—“Quit being so retarded”       “She was so crazy”        “You are mental

“Stop being such a spas”          “They must be off their meds today”

Stop using these terms as everyday adjectives to describe someone/something! Not only are they derogatory, but it continues the stigma that mental illnesses are something horrible.

I am not my disorder.

Disorders should not be the crowning adjective to describe someone, because their disorder(s) are not who they are. The disorder(s) are simply a part of who they are. This video by BuzzFeed does a good point of driving my point home.

Our brains may be chemically wired differently than other people, but that does not make us less human. We still have feelings, desires, goals, and everything else others experience. We are still people, treat us as such.

Until Thursday, my warriors—

Medicated Normalcy♥


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