Johann Hari on Addiction

In the Ted Talk video above, English writer and journalist Johann Hari discusses addiction, featuring a study performed by former Simon Fraser University psychology professor, Bruce Alexander. Hari discusses the findings of the study and explains in magnificent detail the significance and the implications of the study, and how it relates to addiction in humans. Hari further discusses how the punishment and stigma associated with drug use only perpetuate addiction, which results in increased rates of drug use and overdose. He also explains how simple societal changes similar to those implemented in Portugal can benefit society as a whole, reconnecting drug addicts with people, and disconnecting them with their drug addiction. I found the Ted Talk very beneficial and insightful, and highly recommend taking the fifteen minutes to really reflect on addiction and its place in society.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!



One comment

  1. BradandBougiee · February 28, 2017

    Completely agree with the point that Johann is trying to make! Addiction isn’t solely revolved around the physiological effects of a drug, it also encompasses the individual and his role in society! In order to rehabilitate drug addicts, they should be gradually placed into social environments that have them interacting and building relationships with others. This of course, works best if the addict voluntary agrees to participate.


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