How to be Healthy- Mentally and Socially


Hey y’all! Instead of my usual ~Stigma Saturday~, I am going to give tips on how to be healthy—mentally and socially!
I won’t be covering physical health since information about that aspect of health is more prevalent.



There are many ways to improve one’s mental health. The Mental Health Association gives 10 different ways to improve mental health. Ideally, you find an outlet in which you can healthily remove negative thoughts/emotions/feelings. For example, finding an art form that relieves these stresses (art, poetry, music are but just a few examples), or gardening. Anything that calms and relaxes you (and is not harmful to anyone or anything) is perfectly acceptable.



Social health can be also be improved in a variety of ways. Lifehack has listed 12 ways to improve social skills. The essential idea is to start small and be confident. You are a very interesting person, you can show the world that is so.



Until Thursday, my warriors—

Medicated Normalcy♥



  1. Mindfump · March 4, 2017

    Great post!

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