How to relate to refugees from war-torn countries.

We all read the news. We see head titles like, Syrian civil war: More than 40 people killed…, 750,000 people trapped in Mosul are ‘on brink of starvation’ as Iraqi forces advance, or Car bombing near Syrian town captured from Islamic State kills 60. But do we sincerely understand what those headlines mean for the people living there? I am desensitized. I cannot fully relate or understand their conditions. I do not understand how it feels to have my small community in my hometown, all die from a terrorist attack. I truly do not understand how is it to be hungry for a week or mouth. I ask you these questions too. Can you relate to them?

Here is a comic book that moved me emotionally. I read it late at night, all by myself. I sincerely cried at some of the parts. I recommend you to read it too. It does give a window to understand their situation. Click on the picture to go to it.





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