Life after prison

As a society, we understand that there are laws and that if you break them, there is a probability that you will be sent to prison. We understand that a prisoner must spend his time in prison as punishment for the crimes he has committed, but what happens to the prisoner after he has served his time?

Does he get to return to the life he’s used to having? Do his friends and family look at him in the same light?

Probably not.

After getting released from jail, convicts face several issues such as strained family and friend connections, difficulty finding employment, mentality and motivation, etc. These prisoners are often still in the mindset they were in while serving time in prison and are uncomfortable with the environment they have been released to. Often, these convicts are constantly traveling in search for a place to eat and sleep because they’re connection with the outside world has deteriorated and they have no one to turn to. There needs to be more emphasis on programs and services that effectively help the formerly incarcerated lead productive lives and alternatives to prison that might better improve public safety.

The different between the prison environment and the outside environment is very extreme, and accommodations must be thoroughly researched and implemented to enhance the quality of safety in the United States as a whole.

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