Food Documentaries & Fat Americans

If you want to know anything about the food industry in the United States, I would highly recommend watching this video.

Arguably this is the quintessential guide to consumerism and food industry manipulation in the United States. It was created by Al Jazeera, an international news organization based in Qatar. I think the fact that this video was not produced by an American corporation is so important because it truly gives an unobscured, third party perspective on a topic which many Americans have gone blind to.

With powerful imagery and masterful editing, this short documentary touches on obesity among the impoverished, food deserts, marketing to children, and suspicious government involvement in the food industry.  One of my favorite parts of this video was towards the end, they describe this concept of a “revolving door” in the relationship between the food industry and the government agencies meant to regulate it. Many officials will hold positions in government, then retire and move to the private industry. Catherine Woteki, for example, left the USDA in 2001, joined Mars (a candy corporation), then was brought back to the USDA in 2010. This is not an uncommon practice and causes a real conflict of interest.fda-vision-test_600

The way that American corruption manifests is through campaign financing for members of Congress. If companies like Kraft or Nestle bankroll a particular senator’s campaign ads for reelection, that congressman could possibly ignore public health objectives or under-regulate the private sector to enable huge profits in the food industry.


Just food for thought…



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