Unlimited potential


As we prepare to embark on our first spring break of our undergraduate experience, I’d like to share a video with you all that has inspired me to grind out the rest of my midterms and continue to fulfill my personal goals.

As shown in the video, these athletes grow up believing that there are no limits to their abilities and strive to achieve excellence, even though the narrator may advise against it. It is a very emotional experience to see an individual attempt to do something that no one thinks they can do and actually achieve it.

With the right mindset, the values portrayed in this video can be applied to almost any situation. Regarding those that are incarcerated, prison should not have to be the end of their journey. Inmates should not believe that their potential has been completely  strained or limited solely due to the fact that they have been imprisoned.

There are still ways to better oneself and achieve personal goals while in prison and if inmates are given the opportunity, they should attempt to rebuild their life after they are released. A sentence does not define a man.

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  1. Kash$$$millionaire · March 9, 2017

    I love the video as I believe so many things in life are completely dependent on attitude. Confidence, big dreams, and resilience are the key to short term and long term performance and personal well being.
    It is inconceivable what it would be like to be imprisoned and have nothing to strive towards or dream about. If prisons had more of a positive feedback system, prisoners would have something to work towards that would promote genuine character change. If the incarceration system does not create a light at the end of the tunnel, no change or growth will be seen within any prisoner.


    • BradandBougiee · March 21, 2017

      I agree! Typically, when we think of prisons, we think of depression, hopelessness, and just an overall negative vibe towards them. If more a positive feedback system was implemented, the prisoners would indeed be motivated and have something to work for.


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