Instead of Ban, Why not educate?

Refugees. Let us ask the experts. Well, the experts on this issue would be the United Nation. So United Nations, how is the Trump Ban? In Article 3 of the Refugee Convention: “apply the provisions … to refugees without discrimination as to race, religion or country of origin”. Oh, I would take that as a no ban. Also, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and International Migration Organization has declared that “The long-standing US policy of welcoming refugees has created a win-win situation: it has saved the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world who have in turn enriched and strengthened their new societies,” the statement read. “The contribution of refugees and migrants to their new homes worldwide has been overwhelmingly positive.” New York Times also interviewed the United Nation leader and he says that “violate our basic principles” and would do little to stem the threat of terrorism” But he did not express that the executive order does break international law. It should be known that the president of the United States is the biggest financial backer of the United Nations. So you know, as they say, do not bite the hand that feeds you.

UN on Education

United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees in their Education Strategy for 2012 to 2016 marked the importance of education for refugees by,

“Educated refugees provide leadership in displacement and in rebuilding communities recovering from conflict. With quality education, refugees acquire the knowledge and skills essential to understanding and promoting gender equality and sustainable peaceful coexistence, among other areas of community development. The future security of individuals and societies is inextricably connected to the transferable skills, knowledge, and capacities that are developed through education.”

Political atmosphere about refugees is a bit polarized. CBS News described each of the presidential candidates in 2015 about their views on the refugee crisis. The not pro-refugees in the Republicans party are John Kasich, Trump, and Ted Cruz. But republicans like Rubio and Lindsey Graham, who said “We should take our fair share,” or “We should take down the Statue of Liberty and tear it down,” “This is our response as a nation, just tear it down. We don’t mean it anymore.” are supportive of refugees coming in. But almost all democrats like Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley argue that immigration is good and the USA needs to help out Europe in the refugee crisis.

US vexing system for refugees:

Read my old post to learn how to become a refugee.

Now with that out of the system here is my main point.

The American vetting system for refugees is effective in its process and in its implication. Look at my previous post to see what I mean. Instead of worrying about who is coming in, we should focus on what happens when the refugees come in. Their country of origin is destroyed. These are the people that will study to rebuild their nation. But the opposite is happening. There is a lost generation in Syria, youth who are supposed to go to school cannot because of their situation. 400,000 children dropped out of school because of the war in Syria.

Why is it important for America to take Refugees?

As I stated in the beginning, as the USA being an active member, no, a leader in the UN. Should not the USA be leading the cause? Right now, many colleges in Germany and Canada are helping Syrian students to go to college. The UN has a general goal for primary and secondary education for the refugees. But there is not a global effort to help university refugee students to go to college. These individuals will be the builders of the new Syria after the war ends. The USA will act as a sanctuary of education for these individuals. Brookings reported that 150,000 university-qualified Syrians cannot go to school and “less than 2 percent of funds raised today are being spent on education at any level.” Yes, physical needs are important for refugees but education is the only tool to build the nation. One of the solutions that Brookings offered is that “the more than 20,000 higher education institutions worldwide should each offer to take in at least one displaced student and rescue one scholar.” These 20,000 college graduates could be the only future that can build Syria back.

Inside Higher Ed reported that Keith David Watenpaugh, an associate professor and director of human rights studies at the University of California at Davis, directly mentioned USA by saying, “The real missing piece is a lack of attention to U.S. higher education to this problem,” and “What would be really great would be programs where American universities create relationships with universities in the region, where we help finance the tuition of students for a couple of years and then maybe they can come to the United States for an another year. The ultimate goal I would like to achieve is that U.S. higher education bears some of the burdens.” Also the president of IIE, Allan E. Goodman said, “What would be a game changer would be if every college and university in America agreed to take a Syrian student.”

The National Center for Education Statistics has reported that the US has around 4,599 schools that are title IV degree-granting institutions. In the High Education Act of 1985, title IV created the administration that gives out financial aid to students. These schools should be in use and should take in a number of refugees to educate them and help them rebuild their countries.

For being good and reading all of this let me tell you a story about Americans and refugees. One of the greatest influxes of refugees is after World War II.

Washington post reports on this amazing Tweeter, the Historical Opinion (@HistOpinion).

Now let us, set the scene!

It is the great Depression in America and the Nazis did not start the Kristallnacht, the anti-Jewish crackdowns, yet.

US Jul ’38: What’s your attitude towards allowing German, Austrian & other political refugees to come into the US?


— Historical Opinion (@HistOpinion) November 16, 2015

Wow, a majority of Americans do not want to bring in refugees from Europe.

Maybe after Kristallnacht happens, the Americans viewpoint will change and let us emotionally load the question, boy. Put the children in it.

US Jan 20 ’39: Should the US government permit 10,000 mostly Jewish refugee children to come in from Germany?


— Historical Opinion (@HistOpinion) November 17, 2015

Wow, Dang man. Even white children.

And if you are questioning my source let him respond to you:

I am a tenured professor of American history.

— Historical Opinion (@HistOpinion) February 3, 2017

The mic was dropped.

Well America let us remind the people you did actually save from Nazi Germany:

  • Albert Einstein (he needs no explanation, nowadays calling someone Einstein is a praise)
  • Sigmund Freud (well he went to London but Americans and English are too similar)
  • Vladimir Nabokov the writer of “Lolita” (Do not worry if you do not know who he is, because I do not know)
  • Henry Kissinger (LOL) ran away from the Nazis but came to America to…(Control yourself, Ahmet, I cannot go off on Kissinger.) This made my day. I have been working on and off this blog on my first day of spring break. But after I learned this I was happy.
  • Isabel Allende, I know she did not leave Nazi Germany, but the funny part is that she leaves Chile because of Kissinger LOL.
  • Yea, and sadly Anne Frank did not make it because probably the American public first needs to read your diary to save you and most of them did not care about Jewish children.

These (but not all, sorry Isabel and Anne) were Jew refugees that help out not only the US but the whole world (Um, maybe not Kissinger). If they were not rescued from Nazi Germany they could not be successful and their discoveries would not be found. There might be an Einstein or a Freud in Syria that just wants to study their passion but they cannot because of the war. The US needs to help these students in Syria and bring them to study in college.

Some will say, well you cannot compare Syrians to Jews. Jews do not have terrorist views like Syrians do. Well, at that time the Americans thought that the Jews could be communist or anarchist or even are agents of Nazis!

Ooh, that rings, some sources say the refugees could be terrorist or radicals or even ISIS members. (side note here it should be known that most of the terrorist groups in the Middle East kill more Muslim than Non-Muslims)

Also my last comment, Gallup in November 2015 Question: Should USA take in 10,000 refugees?

60% oppose accepting Syrian refugees

37% in favor

Well, somethings never change…



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