Floridian Public School Teacher Took Year Off To Live Homeless

I’m spending my spring break this week in Jacksonville, Florida, and while driving through the city, like most cities, I have noticed the presence of homeless people roaming the streets in search for whatever food and things of value they could muster. I became interested in homelessness in Jacksonville, so I simply performed a google search to see what I could find. Below is a video that my curiosity led me to, and I am quite glad it did.

Here is a link to the full article published on WJCT’s website.

In the video, Orange County public school teacher, Thomas Rebman, highlights that a predominant reason behind the difficulty for homeless people to obtain employment is their absence of a permanent home address. He is right. Most employers don’t employ individuals because it’s in the individual’s best interest; they employ the best candidate for the job. With the stigma homeless people often receive, if ‘homeless’ is on the application, that particular individual is not the employer’s best candidate despite what that individual’s skill set might be. This relates to the housing first initiative written about in my last post, and ultimately supports the housing first model. With a permanent address to write on a job application, it will be much easier for homeless people to obtain jobs, opening endless doors of opportunity.

Having fun in the sun (even though it is 58° here),




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