Life after 44 years in prison

This is Otis Johnson. A man who entered the prison system at age 25 and was released back into society at age 69. The amount of transformation and technological advancement that the United States has undergone during the time of his imprisonment is unprecedented in society. How can one expect Otis to react to such a different environment?

Surprisingly, he seems to be handling his immersion within society fairly well. Of course he is caught off guard by many new technologies and food that are presented to him, but he adapts well enough to continue his life. He spends his free time riding the bus, meditating, and just observing society, since he has been away from it for so long.

The one thing he has been away from the most, however, is his family. He lost communication with them at an early point in his sentence and has not been in touch with them ever since. I believe one of the most detrimental things that imprisonment can do, is to intensify the strain on family relationships. Before people decide to make drastic decisions that could potentially ruin their life and cause them to be imprisoned, they should first consider how that decision effects their family.

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One comment

  1. Gary Brewsey · April 1, 2017

    Thank you for sharing this video with us! I think you bring up a really important point about how people who go to prison lose contact with their families and the impact it has on them. It is also something that I do not think occurs to a lot of people when they initially think about life in prison. I also found that it is interesting that you point out the amount of technological advances that took place while Otis Johnson was in prison. I wonder if there is away for individuals who leave prison to not feel so behind when they are reentering the outside world?


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