Forever Fat? What if America is Doomed

The inaccessibility of fresh, healthy foods to low-income Americans disproportionately affects an already disadvantaged group. That is, the poor individuals forced to base their diet on unhealthy amounts of processed and fast foods. Large food corhealth-care-300x198porations have a stake in the issue as well because if their product is not the only option for this group of people, they might face monetary consequences.


If we lived in a perfect world, these divergent sides could compromise on a solution that might alleviate the stress of this issue. I touched on a few potential resolutions in my last post. Unfortunately, we currently live in a highly polarized and politicized society.

obesity-smoking-and-the-cost-of-healthcareDespite the two sides most effected, the largest group this issue involves actually includes every tax-paying American. If we cannot reduce obesity rates significantly in the coming years, the cost of healthcare will continue to rise exponentially. Heart Disease accounts for 30% of national medical expenditures. Furthermore, 53% of Americans covered by Medicaid suffer from a form of Cardiovascular Disease. Not only does this affirm that impoverished individuals are at a major health disadvantage, it also means that tax-payers are in part fronting the bill. Healthcare in and of itself is an incredibly heated and politicalized issue, but one thing I think everyone could agree on is that guaranteeing these individuals ha
ve the necessary tools to maintain their health, healthcare would be a hell of a lot cheaper.



  1. Daisy · April 1, 2017

    As a nutrition major, and the son of a practicing certified dietitian and nutritionist, I have grown up understanding the importance of eating healthy. The topic you have been focussing on throughout your blogging is what inspired me to pursue a degree in nutrition, and your blogs have only intensified that desire. Thank you so much!


    • Wendy · April 12, 2017

      Wow that’s amazing! Glad I could further bring this to light. It seems so simple when you realize that a healthy lifestyle is all the medicine you need sometimes!


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