Fun with my Frosty Friends (:

Happy hump day everybody!

Today I just wanted to give a few shoutouts to some of my fellow bloggers that I have been keeping up with recently.

My first shoutout goes to jglandt over at FrostFit318. Jglandt, who enjoys the refreshing taste of milk (hopefully skim because skim milk is the best), has been following gun violence and gun control, focusing primarily on the availability of guns to those suffering from mental illness. In today’s day and age, this is a topic that is of utmost importance. On a daily basis, there is news coverage of homicides, mass shootings, and other gun violence, no matter where you go in the United States, all which could be reduced with limiting the accessibility of guns. I am all for the second amendment, but there has got to be a place where we draw the line, maintaining one’s freedom to bear arms while ensuring the safety of all.

My second shoutout goes to willweaver98 of Frosty and French Fries. Willweaver98 has been following the debate over renewable and non-renewable resources, another important topic with the current state of our earth, especially with the progression of climate change. I believe that this is a topic that should be followed closely since there is so much debate surrounding it, not to mention the denial of climate change’s existence by United States President, Donald Trump. Willweaver’s blog on the conflict between renewable and non-renewable resources is informative and vital to the understanding of the topic, and my recommendation would be to keep up with news stories related to the issue at hand while also following his blog.

My third, and final shoutout, goes to JPERRY2398 over at Carolina On Our Minds. I have been following JPERRY’s blog on a weekly basis, not because he tackles a largely debated topic, but because the decisions made related to the topic directly affect individuals my age. JPERRY has been following drinking culture, the debate on the drinking age, and alcohol use on college campuses. As a college student, I am exposed to alcohol on a weekly basis, and I can attest that it is oftentimes abused by college students looking for a good time. I don’t necessarily have an opinion on the debate as to whether or not the legal drinking age should be altered, but I would agree that keeping up with the topic is very important, especially for my fellow college students and other individuals affected by drinking culture, because it directly affects us.

Go check out my frosty friends’ blogs!



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