Implications: What happens if mass incarceration continues?

If the level of mass incarceration of today continues or is elevated in the near future, it will cause an influx of issues within the prison system and surrounding communities.

As more people are imprisoned, the government needs to provide these inmates with services that they are constitutionally granted. In order to fund these services, the government typically uses tax dollars gained from citizens to finance the spending. This is important because as more people are being incarcerated, the government will need more money to continue their imprisonment, which could potentially lead to an increase in taxes. This would be infuriating to citizens, because there are ways to prevent the upward trend of incarceration rates that are not being recognized or implemented. 

From a prisoner’s perspective, the prison may become overcrowded and cause living and health conditions to deteriorate. Any area with a large population, enclosed areas, and a healthcare system that is not sufficient will likely spread disease throughout prisoners and cause major issues throughout the system.

Increased mass incarceration will also portray the United States in a negative light from other nations and our people. More incarcerated inmates means that there are more families that have lost a family member to the prison system, which may affect their relationship with each other. The United States already has 25% of the world’s population prisoners, it is insane to think that statistic can grow even further.

These are only a few examples of the implications of mass incarceration, and if nothing is done soon to weaken its growth, these implications can become true very soon.

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One comment

  1. schachtinafool · March 27, 2017

    It’s interesting that you talk about the prison system. I am talking about the racial achievement gap in K-12 schools and one of the articles I found mentioned that the gap could not be decreased unless the prison system was reformed. So, to tie two topics together, perhaps if mass incarceration continues in America, the racial achievement gap might not ever heal itself. Perhaps a stretch, but an interesting thought.


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