Any balanced blog diet needs a variety of topics to consume. Here are a few of my peers that deserve a special shout out this week!

If you are interested in the racial achievement gap as it relates to public vs. charter schools, check out Schachtinafool. His blog takes social justice issues in our education system to a whole other level. His topics are very relevant and he references popular broadcasting networks like NPR to draw in interest about this issue.

If you’re more of a recreational drug person, you might be interested in this blog. His posts vary from discussing SNL skits to talking about the serious implications of Marijuana legalization. Never a dull post!

If you are more into the judicial side of the Devil’s lettuce, check out Bud. He discusses our racist penal system in regards to drug (particularly Marijuana) arrests. His topic kind is kind of a combo of the previous two that I mentioned. He does great work, check it out!!


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