But what happens if we do the opposite?

So let that my theory and pretend we did the exact opposite. Let us not talk to refugees and agree with Trump and his Muslim Ban and see what will happen. Now close your eyes. No do not because you are reading this but just imagine you closed your eyes and imagine a new world:


I know Trump, but thanks.

Daniel L. Byman from Brookings reasons that most of the American terrorist attacks are done by people who are living in America. They are American citizens. They do these attacks because they believe that America is trying to declare war against Islam. This ban does send a message to the Muslim community; the current administration of America believes that the Muslims are not welcomed in America. Also, most of the terrorist attacks in America are done by “Lone wolfs” who are motived to fight against America because they believe that America hates them. The ban will fuel this hate and even some terrorist groups have started to use this propaganda.

Plus, most of the countries that are ban are American’s allies that are in the fight against the terrorist groups. If America bans their citizens from coming to America, America’s allies could feel that America does not trust them. Without trust, the wars in the Middle East will continue and more refugees may try to come to America. The ban could allow more people to become refugees.

Many other allies of the USA also condemned the ban, like Britain, France, Germany, and Canada. Because of globalization America need to be close to her allies. The countries listed already have a lot of refugees and they want America to step in and help them.

It is unreasonable to ban refugees and believe that banning them will decrease their amount or will stop them from coming. The ban will only put more pressure on America and other European countries.

Recently Bernie Sanders clearly accused Trump and his ban by saying,“Trump’s Muslim ban isn’t about keeping us safe,” … “A president intent on keeping us safe wouldn’t give ideological ammunition to terrorists.”


This is really serious and ironic. From these points, it seems that the Trump Ban may be counterproductive; it may allow more terror attacks in America, which.




  1. jglandt · March 31, 2017

    As a Canadian, President Trump’s recent ban was infuriating to say the least. By banning travelers and immigrants from certain nations he has violated the core principles on which this country was founded. Even after the ban was shot down by a judge in Hawaii, Trump was quick to scapegoat, blaming the next terrorist attack on the judge for letting in immigrants from the Middle East. How he got in power still baffles me.

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