A Self Analysis of my Blogging Journey

Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be a reflective one! I am going to analyze my growth as a thinker in relationship to this blog.

When I started this blog, I thought I already knew everything about mental illnesses, because I have two. However, I was quickly proven wrong. I had to research more than I thought I would have, and had to go more in more depth than I normally would have. I had a decent understanding, but I definitely did not know everything. This blog was a learning process for both you and me, and I am thankful to have grown amongst you!

As I mentioned in my first blog post, my goals were to “educate you about mental illnesses and provide resources and materials to help #StopTheStigma”. Through my ten blog posts (I am not counting my shout-out post because that was not related to the topic at hand) I discussed many things. What mental illnesses are, and how stigmas are used in everyday language (such as using mental illnesses as adjectives, or clothing). What it means to be healthy and ways to be healthy. The empowerment of those with mental illnesses. What some think are necessary for those with mental illnesses (medication and hospitalization). What caused the stigmas of mental illnesses, and what will happen and continue to happen if these stigmas are not stopped. As a final post, a video of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver summarizing many of the ideas I discussed in this blog as a recap of most things discussed.

I think that I progressed as a blogger through this past month. I had so much freedom with my blog, but I wanted my audience to be informed on the subject at hand. In order to accomplish that, I used most of my blogs to explain what mental illnesses are, why it is important to stop the stigma on them, and why it is important to know all of this. My Stigma Saturdays were meant to be motivational and educational. I used many pictures and a few videos on my blog to drive home the ideas I was discussing.

Many of y’all would not know this, but I am currently in school to become a pharmacist. However, I do not want to be one who pushes drugs on people, especially those with mental illness. I have discussed this; if someone does not want to be medicated for their mental illness(es), by all means, I want them to go without medication.

When making this blog, I did have some difficulties. Finding videos that were not ableism or in some way discriminatory was my biggest challenge. Everyone has different emotions towards their illnesses, and I did not want to post something that had anything negative in it, or would hurt someone’s feelings. I tried to find enlightening posts—posts that visualized how mental illnesses feel to those who do not have mental illnesses. Again, that is difficult, because mental illnesses are a spectrum, and it is very subjective. Nobody feels the exact same way as somebody else. Basically, political correctness was my biggest challenge.

I am really proud of my blog. This was my first time blogging, and I had so much fun with it! I am especially proud that I got people from outside of my class to like my posts! I have followers from a few different countries that were reading my posts, and that made me excited, because it meant that I was engaging and y’all were engaged.

Thank you so much for your dedication, I have had so much fun blogging to y’all—

Medicated Normalcy♥


One comment

  1. BradandBougiee · April 11, 2017

    I’m glad that you’ve had a great first time experience blogging! Mental illness is a difficult issue to talk about and I think you’ve definitely developed in your writing style since the first time you started to blog!


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