An Analysis of My Journey


Through this series of blog posts, I wanted to create a platform in which I could inform society about mass incarceration and its implications by making the subject easily relatable and easily understandable. I have found that adding humor or sarcasm to my writing has a positive effect on the quality of my blog. Interaction between blog posts has allowed room for healthy debate amongst ourselves and has created an outlet in which bloggers can receive valuable feedback.

Speaking of informing society, my blog posts were mainly consisted of posts about mass incarceration in the United States. I wrote about this topic because it interested me and I perceived it as an issue, that is often surpassed by other issues that have more publicity. Mass incarceration simply is not receiving the attention that it deserves and as a society, we all need to become more vocalized in order to press the issue. Through countless research, I have realized the struggles that inmates have faced and the issues that mass incarceration can have on prison populations, modern society, and the economy. I implemented a way in which this topic can reflect my own educational goals by writing an analysis post about the healthcare system within prisons. I want to pursue a career in the medical field and wrote my analysis post in order to express the degradation of healthcare in prisons as the populations within them are increasing. This issue needs to be resolved quickly and effectively in order to put an end to the injustice that mass incarceration is having on prisons and the communities surrounding them.

This was my first time ever blogging a topic that I was interested about. Blogging entails a very different style of writing as compared to the usual MLA or APA format that is required for most high school and college courses. The most difficult task in this assignment was revising and editing each post, because of my lack of experience in styles and methods used within blogs. I often reverted back to writing traditional research essay format, rather than a blog format at times. I’m not sure if I would have ever created a blog if I was not required to for a class,  but I am glad I did!

Throughout this assignment, I was also given the opportunity to read some of my fellow classmates’ blogs that pertained to a topic of their interest. It was interesting and enlightening to witness several different accounts and perspectives of what other people were blogging about. Through this process, I have realized that not everyone has the same opinion and it is inevitable that controversy will occur, no matter what topic it is. Through commenting and receiving feedback from fellow bloggers, I am further inclined to improve my writing and to support whatever argument I create with the strongest evidence possible.

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  1. Gary Brewsey · April 1, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your analysis on how you wrote about the topic of mass incarceration and the things that effected you throughout this process. I have to agree that the topic of mass incarceration, though important and relevant, is seldomly talked about. I also like that you mention that the means of delivery of your topic plays an important role in your readers responses and the healthy debates that it leads too. I wonder if other bloggers who write on the topic of mass incarceration find such rhetorical means just as effect?


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