Stigma Saturday: Marketing Mental Illnesses

marketing mental illness

Why? Why do clothing companies think this is okay? Is this funny? Please, market on my mental illness, that is absolutely hilarious. *sigh* This is one fashion trend I just cannot get behind for a few reasons. To start, this is absolutely derogatory, and continues the stigma that mental illnesses are jokes and for attention. Do you see people wearing clothing that demeans physical illnesses? No? That is what I thought. It is things like this that perpetuate the stigmas surrounding mental illnesses. My illness is not a joke. I am valid. The Odyssey Online has a few more examples of offensive mental illness merchandise if you are looking for a few more examples.

Until next time, my Warriors—

Medicated Normalcy♥



  1. Daisy · April 1, 2017

    I have seen plenty of social media posts publicizing what you wrapped up in this post. It is ridiculous that companies are trying to make money off of mental illness. It’d be a different story if companies, such as the makers of the Lokai bracelet, were using the money to fund research or programs that support those suffering from mental illnesses, but what you have written about here is just plain wrong.

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    • Medicated Normalcy · April 1, 2017

      I totally agree with you, Daisy. It would be very different if it was not such discriminatory clothing, and if the profits went to supporting those with mental illnesses. Instead, these companies are enjoying the money they make from perpetuating the stigmas of mental illness, and do not care if their clothing is offensive (which it is).
      Thank you for your comment!


  2. BradandBougiee · April 11, 2017

    This is definitely an issue that is not publicized enough in the media. Clothing companies should not even take the time to create such discriminatory products. They have no idea how it actually affects those with mental illnesses, thank you for posting this! I never would have even thought about this issue, had you not brought it up.


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