Michelle Obama Fights Childhood Obesity

In this speech delivered by Michelle Obama in February 2014, the then-first lady emphasizes the necessity of keeping our children healthy by feeding them nutritious foods and a balanced diet. She equates the grumbling that may come along with this diet adjustment to the way that children don’t want to have shots or brush their teeth, yet we make them do it anyway because it is in their best interest. She also talks about the way these healthy habits can be effectively instilled into the school system so children can learn about nutrition at a young age, especially if they aren’t getting that knowledge at home.

 According to a study published early in 2014, obesity rates in children have declined in the past decade. While obesity rates in adults have remained relatively stagnant, children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old have experienced a significant decrease in obesity at a national level. This could mean that we are gearing up toward the first generation in years that will be less heavy than their parents. Good to see some things are looking up for he future of our nation!


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