What changed inside me: Self-analysis


This blog made me grow as a thinker. Now, I am more aware on the refugee crisis and their struggles to get a good higher education. Also, the blog helped me improve my ability to understand the refugee crisis from a refugee standpoint, make logical arguments that would help the refugees and connect with the common people who are not informed about this issue.

The refugee crisis is a serious and sorrowfully issue. In my blog, I had to explain how serious this issue is and find ways to entertain my audience. I chose a sarcastic dark tone when I was writing my blog. I never wrote in this way in my life. This tone was very useful because I, myself, was very entertained while I was writing. Likewise, I made a lot of jokes that made my readers enjoy my blog. Even though my tone was amusing, I still explained and connected to my readers the importance of the refugee crisis and their struggles in the country they move too. Furthermore, I learned how to inform a common reader about the history of the situation, the Syrian Civil War, to make them understand what is currently happening now. Lastly, I had to find some tools that could help me connect with my readers. I used memes and gifs. Memes and gifs are universal and they show a great deal of information in a small picture. Another method I used was comparisons that my audience knew. For example, comparing Jews refugees running away from Nazis and Syrian refugees, and refugees with squares. One critique, I have for myself is having a little more meaningful and not sarcastic pathos in my blog.

Not only did I connect with the audience, I had to relate to the refugee’s problems like, death, war, and running away to a brand-new country. Sometimes I tried to draw parallels between them and our lives to deepen my understanding. This helped me as a thinker because refugees and I do not have a lot of similarities but there are still ways to understand their pain.

The blog also helped my understanding to write papers, reason counterarguments, and use logic to help my writing. The counterarguments that I found were either in two categories. The first one was that the argument was built on a lie, like Breitbart. But, the second one had some reason or evidence to back up the claim like The New York Post and some of the 2016 presidential Republican candidates like Ted Cruz and John Kasich. For the false arguments, I had to show why these arguments are untrue with statistics and logic. With the reasonable counterarguments, I showed why my arguments are better logically and statistically in the long run. Another important element I learned from this blog assignment was how to deal with a liar like Trump. I had to understand what Trump was saying and try to find a logic behind his Trump ban. On top of that. I learned a new technique to write. I first type an outline and then type the bullet points into sentences. Next, I add topic sentences to each main bullet. Finally, I delete the bullets and add transitions. Other classes, I took helped out my blog too and I made critical connections with those class and the blog. In my Twentieth Century American Indian Art class I learned about how the Native Americans were oppressed for many years, and how did they coup with the oppression, assumption, and racism,  similar to the Syrians. Also in my Human Geography class, I learned about migration.  Lastly, I learned the struggles of a blogger. They have to write every week, proofread it and try to connect with the readers.



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