Adolescent Youth in Prison

This is Ismael Nazario.

As a young teen under the age of 18, he was convicted in the state of New York, one of the only states that imprisons individuals under the age of 18. He spent 400 days in prison before the age of 18 and spent 300 of those days in solitary confinement. Ismael claims reminds us that no matter how much you scream or yell, you are the only one that is hearing your voice and that eventually, your thoughts become your worst enemy.

He mentions that correctional officers have a significant impact on not only his time in prison, but the majority of inmates as well. Prisons are meant to be a place of rehabilitation and depending on the correctional officer you have, it can be a decent time or a nightmare. He tells a story of how one correctional officers agreed to fight him and to keep things quiet, in which they both gained respect for each other. Ismael stresses the importance of assisting youth in prison systems and to encourage rehabilitation techniques to prevent them from entering again.

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One comment

  1. Daisy · April 1, 2017

    All of your posts throughout the past few weeks have made me question the current punishment system in the United States. I have come to understand the stances taken, on both sides, and would agree that the prison systems needs reform. Too many people are being punished for far too long at a cost to taxpayers.


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